"Battlefield America" - Civil War Battlefield Maps
by Trailhead Graphics

I normally stay clear of including commericial products on my web site, but in rare situations, I make an exception. The civil war battlefield maps produced and sold by Trailhead Graphics, are one of those exceptions. I have been working on a project for the past five to six years. Without getting into specifics (so as not to tip my hat) on my project, I needed a source to provide me with accurate civil war battlefield information. I was able to find some good information in written/book form as well as searching through the internet ... but that was not enough, I needed more information that was specific to my project requirements. Several years ago I came across an ad for the civil war battlefield maps produced by Trailhead Graphics out of Aurora, CO. Reading through their product description, I thought perhaps I had found what I was looking for and ordered the map of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Several days later the map arrived and I quickly found out that these maps were exactly what I had been needing for my project.

These topographical maps are extremely well done, extremely accurate, easy to read, and easy to handle. They are produced in color, show locations of all monuments, markers and tablets, are waterproof, made of a tear resistant material and are inexpensive. I cannot imagine the amount of work that went into these maps, but I can say, without hesitation, that Trailhead Graphics has done an amazing and superb job for the civil war buffs and historians out there.

Since my initial purchase of the Gettysburg Battlefield map I have purchased several other of the battlefield map series. You will not find me visiting a civil war battlefield without my accompanying Trailhead Graphics battlefield map. Simply put, an outstanding product that others interested in the civil war should be made aware of and have in hand when visiting the battlefield.

The following civil war battlefield maps are available from Trailhead Graphics:

Kennesaw Mountain
Pea Ridge
Champions Across the Potomac (Harpers Ferry, Monocacy)

To give you an idea as to what these maps look like, to the right is a scanned section of my favorite place at Gettysburg, Culp's Hill.