Partial Listing
137th N.Y.V.I. Buried in the
Soldiers' National Cemetery
Gettysburg, PA

September 1, 2005

The following is a partial listing of 137th New York Volunteer Infantry men who died, or were mortally wounded, defending Culp's Hill at the Battle of Gettyburg, and who are buried in the Soldiers' National Cemetery there. Clicking on their name will bring up a photo of their headstone.

"The Muffled Drum's Sad Roll Has Beat
The Soldier's Last Tattoo.
No More On Life's Parade Shall Meet
That Brave And Fallen Few." **

Name Rank Co. Age From
Archibald, F.A. Pvt C
Besimer, William Pvt D
Brockham, J.W. Sgt C
Bryant, E. Pvt K
Carnine, John * Pvt E 45 Binghamton
Casad, J.A. Pvt I
Dore, James * Pvt B 35 Binghamton
English, Oliver * Pvt A 21 Binghamton
Foster, W. Cpl C
Fox, Charles F. * Sgt A 21 Binghamton
Gee, Josephus Pvt G
Hill, Peter * Pvt A 27 Binghamton
Johnson, Henry * Sgt E 22 Lisle
Loomis, Elisha Pvt C
Mabee, George Pvt D
Manning, Charles Pvt C
Martin, Ira Pvt K
Mullen, James H. * + Pvt B 18 Windsor
Nichols, Horace W. * Pvt F 30 Windsor
Pardee, Mahlon J. * Pvt F 21 Conklin
Phelps, Frederick Pvt C
Rush, Richard W. * Pvt A 30 Binghamton
Smith, Samuel A. * Sgt B 29 Binghamton
Stanton, A. Pvt C
Strong, C.W. Pvt G
Sutliff, William J. * Pvt B 44 Windsor
Swift, Dean * Pvt A 21 Lisle
Vinning, L. * Cpl A 21 Binghamton
Wesley, Venerable Pvt B
Wheeler, William W. * Pvt F 18 Windsor

"On Flame's Eternal Camping Ground
Thier Silent Tents Are Spread.
And Glory Guards With Solemn Round
The Bivouac Of The Dead." **

* "Age" and "From" information courtesy
of the "Old Stone House Museum" - Windsor, N.Y.
Charles English

** Standing Tablets in the cemetery

+ Last name incorrectly spelled on headstone.
Information provided by descendent, Jason Mullen.

All Color Photos Copyright © R.G. Blakeslee 2005