Regiments from Broome County


3rd Artillery Regiment M (Light) - Seward Artillery; Cayuga Regiment,

16th Independent Battery Light Artillery (Veteran) - Dickinson's Light Artillery


1st Veteran Cavalry Regiment, Companies F and M

1st Dragoons Regiment, Company C

3rd Cavalry Regiment - Van Alen Cavalry. Mix Cavalry, Company E

6th Cavalry Regiment - Ira Harris Cavalry; Second Ira Harris Guard, Companies G and I

8th Cavalry Regiment - Rochester Regiment, Companies L and M

11th Cavalry Regiment - Scott's Nine Hundred; First United States Volunteer Cavalry, Company C, F and G


27th Infantry Regiment, Companies C, D and F

89th Infantry Regiment (Veteran) - Dickinson Guard, Companies B, F, G, H and K

90th Infantry Regiment - Hancock Guard; McClellan Chasseurs; McClellan Rifles, Company E

109th Infantry Regiment - Binghamton Regiment; Railway Brigade, Companies D, E and H

124th Infantry Regiment - American Guard; Orange Blossoms, Company I

137th Infantry Regiment - Ironclads, Companies A, B, E and F

155th Infantry Regiment - Second, Formerly Fifth, Regiment, Corcoran's Brigade, or Irish Legion, Company F

161st Infantry Regiment, Companies E and G

168th Infantry Regiment - Nineteenth Militia, Company A and H

179th Infantry Regiment, Company K

194th Infantry Regiment, Company B (Regiment Failed to complete organization)


15th Engineer Regiment - New York Sappers and Miners, Company G

50th Engineer Regiment - Stuart's Engineers; Independent Engineers; Sappers, Miners and Pontoniers, Companies C, E, F, H, I and K